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Our cuisine

Market and creative cuisine in Solsona

Come and enjoy pleasant surprises rediscovering the real gastronomic pleasures

Proximity, season and quality

Being able to enjoy seasonal cuisine with local produce is a luxury. We like to offer you a unique experience, which is why we are committed to making our dishes with local and quality products. We take advantage of the resources given to us by each station and the producers of the Solsonès.

Each season you will find the updated menu with new proposals, offering you a fresh, varied and elaborate proposal. And that’s not all, to pair your meal well, Sandra – the team’s sommelier – adapts the extensive wine list each season, tailored to the dishes you can find on the menu.




Our menu

*Dynamic menu, subject to possible changes*


  • Our ham and cheese table with different surprises
  • Cake bread with tomato, olive oil and salt
  • Standard peppers
  • Handmade hummus with toast
  • Handmade croquettes
  • Braised potatoes with garlic and oil
  • Grilled octopus with truffled parmentier pillow and garlic and black garlic oil
  • Battered brie cheese salad and jam
  • Mascarpone and basil ravioli with red pesto sauce
  • Handmade gazpacho

Fish and meat

  • Grilled Angus steak with garnish
  • Duck breast with cherry sauce and Pedro Ximénez
  • Low temperature cod marinated in seaweed sauce
  • Battered goat with garnish


  • Ambrosetti artisanal nougat ice cream
  • Ambrosetti artisan cocunat ice cream
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Mango sorbet
  • House cake
  • White chocolate coulant
  • Lemon mousse
  • Honey and curd
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Irish coffee

Check out some photos of our dishes

From the plate at home

If you have too much food in a restaurant, do you usually ask to take it home?

Every day in Catalonia, 720,000 kg of food are thrown away, more than half in homes, but also in restaurants, bars, catering and shops. These wasted foods, which add up to 260,000 tons a year, equate to the food needs of 500,000 people for a year.

At La Cabana we are committed to the fight to prevent and reduce food waste. If you don’t finish your meal, we want you to continue enjoying our gastronomy at home. For this reason, we are united in the Remenja’mmm campaign. Ask for this service! However, you can also bring your own bottle of wine if you haven’t finished it.

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